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PCI Machining has a unique combination of talent, part-making and machines - working in a high-capacity, customer friendly environment. Flexible, motivated and ready to satisfy all your machining requirements:

  • Milling: 5-axis and 3-axis CNC, horizontal and vertical; manual mills

  • Turning: High performance and general CNC lathes; manual lathes

  • Gear machining, cutting, shaping, hobbing, and skiving

  • Water jet cutting, 6 ft. x 13 ft. x 10”

  • Surface grinding and rotary grinding

  • TIG and MIG welding

  • Assembly and packing

  • Ferrous alloys, stainless steel, aluminum, nylon, and plastics

New machines have helical gear and bevel gear capabilities, legacy machines offer straight, spur, rack, worm, internal and spline. 


Doosan DVF 8000T (5-axis vertical w/turning function) will handle 1000 mm parts less allowance for tool diameter and angle of cut. 

Heller HF3500 APC (5-axis horizontal) will handle parts in the 600 mm range.

Doosan Puma 3100LSY (high performance lathe with live tooling) can handle a maximum turning diameter of 315 mm, again less allowance for tool diameter and tool adapter.

Gear software and probing capabilities.

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